My doctor at a Louisville hospital is recommending I consider a transvaginal mesh procedure. What is transvaginal mesh intended to treat, and what does it do?

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If your doctor recommends considering a transvaginal mesh procedure, you should be aware of the potential complications that can arise. When a defective medical device leads to injuries, a Louisville injury lawyer can help.

The transvaginal mesh procedure is used for bladder repair, a surgery that involves implanting mesh in order to strengthen the vaginal wall and keep the bladder from bulging. It can be used to treat other pelvic organ prolapses such as the uterus and rectum.

Some medical experts believe that the transvaginal mesh is more effective than stitching the vaginal wall’s connective tissue back together. However, the benefits of this procedure may not outweigh the risks.

There is an increased risk of serious complications with a transvaginal mesh, which include: 

  • pelvic pain;
  • inflammation;
  • hemorrhaging;
  • infection;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • perforation of pelvic organs; and
  • mesh erosion. 

With any bladder repair surgery, there are pros and cons. However, the dangerous risks associated with a transvaginal mesh procedure may not be worth it. It is important to discuss these risks with your doctor. 

When a doctor fails to provide warnings of complications that could occur after a particular medical procedure and you are injured, then you may be eligible to pursue a claim against the physician. Or if a defect in a medical product has led to serious injuries, then the manufacturer could potentially be held liable.

To learn what your rights are and if you have any legal options available after being injured by a medical device, contact a Louisville injury lawyer. You will need to discuss your case with a lawyer who handles both medical malpractice and defective product claims.

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