My mom is in a Kentucky nursing home, and I’m sure she’s being abused. She has way too many bruises on her arms. When I ask her about them, she can never remember how she got them (she has Alzheimer’s disease), but she gets really agitated and looks afraid when I ask her about them. Who can I contact?

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Have you questioned her caregivers? That would be the first step.  In many nursing homes, the same caregivers are assigned to a resident to provide some consistency for him or her. See what they have to say, and pay attention to their facial expressions and body language.

If you get no satisfaction from the caregivers, talk to the supervisor or the nursing home administrator. If you’re still uneasy, here are some numbers you may find useful:

  • To report elder abuse in long-term care facilities, call 1-800-752-6200.
  • To contact the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program if you’re calling within Kentucky, phone 1-800-372-2973.
  • To contact the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program if you’re calling from outside Kentucky, phone 1-800-372-2991.
  • For TTY access to the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, call 1-800-627-4702.

Don’t put off taking action. If you’re right, and your mother is being abused, the longer you wait the more abuse she will suffer.

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