My mother recently died in a Kentucky nursing home. She had a strange relationship with one of her caretakers, and he was fired soon after she died. Should I suspect abuse?

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Many relatives are reluctant to investigate after a loved one has died in a Kentucky nursing home. They may feel that “pointing fingers” at staff members in unhelpful, and will not bring their relative back, so they try to put the incident behind them and move on with their lives.


Unfortunately, this means that many abusers may continue their pattern of preying on the elderly. A recent study investigated cases of women over the age of 50 who had been abused. Researchers found that, in cases where the perpetrator was prosecuted for committing a crime:


  • Roughly half of the offenders had a previous criminal record
  • Nearly a third of suspects had previously appeared in court on charges of domestic violence
  • Two out of ten abusers had a prior record involving abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Fourteen percent had previously been accused of another crime against a person
  • Sixteen percent of perpetrators had been sentenced to prison for a previous charge


In addition to this investigation, researchers performed a telephone survey of over 5,000 elderly individuals to obtain markers for elder physical mistreatment. Data from the victims found that:


  • Half of abusers were regularly using drugs or alcohol at the time of the crime
  • Nearly thirty percent of the offenders had a history of mental illness
  • More than a third of perpetrators were unemployed during the abuse
  • Four out of ten offenders were socially isolated


If your relative died in a Kentucky nursing home, you should contact an abuse attorney immediately to investigate on your loved one’s behalf. 

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