My mother was neglected in her Louisville nursing home, and her health has suffered as a result. In addition to feeling sad, I feel so guilty! Was this my fault?

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No, this was not your fault! 

You may often read about the potential signs of nursing home abuse on government websites, non-profit websites, and even on our own Kentucky nursing home abuse law firm website. While there may be some signs of nursing home abuse or neglect that you may be able to recognize, it is not your responsibility to prevent abuse or neglect. You cannot be in the nursing home every day. You cannot know what goes on at every moment and immediately take action to prevent your mother, or another loved one, from suffering the ill effects of abuse or neglect.

Please, let us emphasize: Your mother’s nursing home neglect or abuse injuries were not your fault. You do not need to feel guilty. Instead, we encourage you to concentrate on the future and to do what you can to help your mother heal physically and emotionally. You may need to find your mother a new place to live, and you may consider taking legal action against the nursing home that hurt your mother, for example.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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