My sister is living in a nursing home outside Louisville. Lately when I’ve visited her, she seems “out of it”—like she’s drugged. I’ve asked her caregivers about it, and they say it’s probably just the pills she’s taking for her dementia, but none of her medications has ever affected her like that. Does it make sense for me to get a lawyer?

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I would! The staff may be giving her something to keep her from being too much of a bother to them.

If you are considering hiring a lawyer, Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform suggest that you prepare in the following way:

  • Keep a journal, and document each of your visits and what you observe. If you haven’t been doing this, write a summary of your observations and impressions up to now, indicating approximate dates.
  • If you complain to staff, make a notation in your journal of the date, time, person you talked to, and the summarized conversation.
  • Take a camera or video camera with you when you visit, and record good and bad times.
  • Film anything unusual, such as bedsores, dirty sheets, and so forth, and record the date.
  • Ask other visitors to be on the lookout for problems or unusual circumstances.
  • If you observe a problem, record the number of caregivers who are working at the time.

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