What are my biggest safety concerns as a motorcyclist in Kentucky?

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There are a number of safety concerns that you may have as a motorcyclist in Kentucky. If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence in a Kentucky motorcycle accident, then you would benefit from speaking to a Louisville accident lawyer.

One of the biggest safety concerns that a motorcyclist may have is the inability of others to see them on the road. Dense traffic or objects in the way (buildings, other vehicles, etc.) can make motorcycles difficult to see.

Intersections are common areas where motorists may not see motorcycles either coming toward them or alongside them. This can lead to head-on collisions or a failure to yield. But motorcycles also can be difficult to see in parking lots or when coming out of a driveway.

Another safety concern is that other drivers may not be able to judge your speed when you are traveling. Many accidents are caused by cars making a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle, thinking they have plenty of time.

Sometimes lane changes are necessary for a motorcyclist to avoid debris in the road or a hazardous condition (such as a pothole). This can be a safety concern as other drivers may view your actions as attempting to get around everyone. 

The key to safety when it comes to operating a motorcycle is never to assume that others know your intentions. Riding at a safe distance from other vehicles and adhering to traffic laws can help significantly.

However, even when you have done all you can, you may still be injured in a Kentucky motorcycle accident. To learn what you can do to protect your rights, you will need to speak with a Louisville accident lawyer about your case.

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