What are the dangers associated with a hip fracture for older adults?

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There are numerous dangers associated with a hip fracture for older adults. If you believe your loved one’s injuries were caused by KY nursing home neglect, it may be in your best interest to seek legal counsel. Contact a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney for help in determining if you should proceed with a claim.

A hip fracture is a serious injury for any individual, but it is much more so for an older adult. Older adults with a reduction in bone density could suffer more severe damage. Additionally, if the individual also has a bone condition such as osteoporosis, the break could even lead to a loss of mobility.

When older adults sustain hip fractures, they are at risk of another one should they fall. Extra precautions will need to be taken. 

Whether the individual uses a traction system or undergoes surgery, the lack of movement could lead to the loss of muscle mass. Immobility also increases the chance that a blood clot will develop, which can be fatal.

Spending a lot of time in bed or in a chair could lead to bedsores, which come with their own complications. A urinary traction infection could also develop.

If the individual must undergo surgery, there are inherent risks, such as anesthesia and infection complications. A total hip replacement sometimes can fail, requiring a second surgery.

When your loved one has been the victim of KY nursing home neglect and suffered serious or fatal injuries, you should learn what you can do to protect your legal rights. Speaking with a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney should be your next step.

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