First and foremost, to stop instances of elder abuse in Louisville, you should be aware of warning signs and keep a keen eye for any vulnerable adults. If your loved one is facing an abusive caregiver, you can contact a Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney to step in and help your family seek justice.

Warning Signs of Abuse and Neglect

Keep a lookout for warning signs of elder abuse, such as:

  • arguments, yelling and strained relationships between the elder and the caregiver;
  • depression or withdrawal from normal activities;
  • bedsores, poor hygiene and weight loss;
  • sudden change in financial situation; and
  • bruises, broken bones, burns and abrasions. 

If you suspect foul play, speak up and voice your concerns. The elderly individual may not be able to articulate or communicate the situation. He or she also may be living in fear due to threats from the abuser, making it vital for others to speak up.

The public has the right and the responsibility to question an elder's care and report any violation of their rights. You can also get involved in community support initiatives to increase awareness about elder abuse and to volunteer with older adults in the community.

Kentucky has specific directives in place for handling reports of elder abuse. You can put in a call to local authorities who will ask a few questions, conduct an investigation and call in protective services if necessary.

There are still far too many cases of elder abuse in Louisville, but the public can work together to alleviate many of these instances. If you need to discuss your case, you can consult a Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney with experience in helping families with this type of situation.

Contacting a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

You can help stop elder abuse in Louisville by watching out for warning signs and volunteering your time to community initiates. Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers at Franklin, Gray and White can help you handle every aspect of your Kentucky nursing home claim. If you believe someone you love has been the victim of abuse or neglect, contact us today for a FREE, no-commitment evaluation of your case - 1-888-450-4456 or 1-502-210- 8942.

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