Who is most likely to recover from a Kentucky nursing home abuse or neglect injury?

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Many factors are relevant in determining who is likely to recover from a nursing home abuse injury in Kentucky. Some of the factors may not surprise you. For example, an individual’s recovery will depend in a large part on the extent of the injuries, an individual’s overall health, and the medical care received after the nursing home abuse injury.

However, while an individual’s physical recovery is the most important aspect of his or her recovery, it is not the only piece of a comprehensive recovery. An individual may also need a financial recovery in order to pay outstanding medical bills, moving expenses, or other expenses related to a nursing home abuse injury. An individual may be more likely to recover for these expenses if he or she contacts a Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer for help.

Furthermore, it may help to hold someone accountable for their actions, and a Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney may also help with an individual’s emotional recovery.

The individuals who are, thus, most likely to recover may be the ones who:

  • Actively pursue good medical care.
  • Work with an experienced Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyer. 
  • Have the support of their families. 
  • Are willing to fight for what is right.

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