Why are children at greater risk of suffering prescription drug injuries in Kentucky?

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Seeing your child suffering through a painful condition is hard enough without worrying that he will also be the victim of a harmful drug mistake. Unfortunately, children are not only at a higher risk of suffering a medication error, they are more likely to suffer long-term complications as a result.

Children are at risk of medication and dosage mistakes in Louisville due to:

  • Age and size. Children are often given the same medications as adults, but the dosage must be adjusted for the child’s system. If your pharmacist hasn’t read the patient information, he may assume that the prescription is for an adult. 
  • Vaccinations. The average child receives injections every three to six months, and every injection and doctor’s visit puts the child at risk of error.
  • Prenatal drugs. Expectant mothers also receive a number of injections and prenatal medications, and can suffer early delivery, birth defects, or miscarriage if given the wrong medication.
  • Painkillers. Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol may seem safe to adults, but children may easily suffer an overdose if parents do not know how much the child should take.

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