There are criminal charges pending against the Ohio River boat operator who was in charge of the boat when there was a fatal accident that killed my spouse. Does that mean that I can’t file a civil lawsuit?

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No. It means that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is pursuing criminal charges against the boat operator because it thinks that the boat operator violated a criminal law. It does not affect your ability to file a wrongful death case in civil court and you should not let it dissuade you from pursuing justice.

What You Could Lose If You Don’t File a Civil Case

If you fail to file a wrongful death case after your spouse dies in an Ohio River boat accident, then you may be unable to recover damages for your injuries. A criminal case may result in jail time, a fine, or another consequence for the boat operator, but it will not result in financial damages for you. Instead, the way to pursue a recovery for the medical costs incurred by your spouse prior to death, for funeral expenses, for past and future lost income, for emotional suffering, and for other damages, is to file a civil wrongful death case.

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Instead, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for help. That way you can make sure that your rights are protected and that you get the recovery that you deserve. For more information about wrongful death cases in Kentucky, please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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