Will I expose my loved one to more abuse or neglect by reporting nursing home abuse in Kentucky?

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If you suspect that a loved one is being abused in a nursing home, reporting your suspicions is a top priority. It’s natural to feel anxiety over reporting nursing home abuse in Kentucky, but nursing home administrators need to be informed of any suspected Kentucky nursing home abuse.

Elderly people who reside in nursing homes deserve excellent care and treatment, but many caregivers pervert or neglect their duties and inflict harm instead. And although caregivers might continue their actions after you report them, it’s rarely retribution for your filed complaints.

Many people are leery of reporting nursing home abuse in Kentucky out of fear that the caregivers will seek retaliation and further abuse their loved ones. While this is a natural fear, that is generally not the case.

It’s a despicable offense when someone who’s supposed to care and provide for an elderly person betrays that trust and abuses or neglects residents. This unacceptable, corrupt behavior must be reported.

You’ll want to speak directly to the nursing home administrator and relay your concerns. Mention the fact that you’re nervous that your report could spark further abuse or neglect.

This is also the time to talk to a nursing home attorney and learn all you can about elderly rights and how you can work toward protecting them. If your suspicions prove true and there have been incidents of Kentucky nursing home abuse, it’s time to file a nursing home claim and hold the caregivers responsible for their actions.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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