Filing a Lawsuit Stemming from a Transvaginal Mesh Procedure (Part A)

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A transvaginal mesh procedure can be done for a bladder repair or any other organ associated with the pelvic area including the uterus, rectum and the small intestines. However, complications from this surgery have led to many bladder sling lawsuits.


If you underwent any type of prolapse surgery and experienced serious injuries as a result, contact a law firm in Louisville for help. A lawyer who handles these types of cases can evaluate the details of your claim and determine what your next step should be.


Risks of Prolapse Surgery Involving a Transvaginal Mesh


Pelvic organ prolapse can lead to an organ bulging out of place and pressing against the vaginal wall, weakening it. One type of treatment is permanently implanting a transvaginal mesh.


However, some of the risks of undergoing prolapse surgery involving a mesh include:


  • severe pain in the pelvic area;
  • recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse;
  • infections in the hip and bones;
  • vaginal scarring;
  • pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia);
  • inflammation;
  • vaginal drainage;
  • bleeding; and
  • perforation of organs.


Additionally, problems with the mesh have also occurred including shrinking, eroding and curling.


Bladder Sling Lawsuits Resulting from Transvaginal Mesh Procedure


If you have suffered any of these serious side effects after undergoing a transvaginal mesh procedure for a bladder repair, you may be entitled to pursue a lawsuit. The process can be lengthy and complicated; however, you won’t have to face it alone when you have the help of a law firm in Louisville.


Before you can file a lawsuit, you will need to meet with a lawyer who will evaluate your case and determine if you have a valid claim. You should be prepared to provide any documentation related to your bladder repair. This includes all of your medical records and any bills you have received.


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