Summer Driving Risks: 5 Dangers to Watch Out for on Kentucky Roads (Part A)

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While the summer months are often anticipated for their enjoyment outdoors and vacationing, you should keep in mind that those months also have the most frequent car accidents. If you are involved in an accident speak with your Louisville accident attorney right away. He or she can evaluate your case and help determine whether or not a Kentucky car accident claim is right for you.

5 Dangers of Summer Driving That Could Lead to an Accident

Experts report that summer drivers are more prone to accidents because of the following circumstances:

  • teenage drivers are home from school and college;
  • there is higher traffic volume on the roads overall;
  • increased number of pedestrians out and about;
  • increased number of cyclists sharing the road with vehicles; and
  • road construction. 

During the summertime teenagers are home from school and college and have a lot more freedom and opportunity to be on the road. This increases the possibility for staying out late and potentially drinking and driving which in turn increases the chances of speeding and reckless driving accident. Less overall driving experience is also a danger on the road.

There is higher traffic volume on the roads overall.
Studies found that during the summertime there is an increase in traffic flow because families travel on vacations, taking road trips or cross-country adventures. This increase in traffic volume can lead to more tailgating, rear-end accidents and car collisions in general because the drivers are on roads they have never previously travelled.

There is an increase in number of pedestrians near roadways.
The same volume increase that applies to cars applies for pedestrians as well due to the warm weather. The sidewalks will fill up and when combined with the increased amount of drivers in areas with which they are unfamiliar there is a greater chance for an accident.

If you become involved in any type of accident in the Louisville area, contact a Louisville accident attorney right away to see if you are eligible to file a Kentucky car accident claim.

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