Posted on March 2, 2015

Spring is in the air! After a long, dreary winter the green of St. Patrick’s Day, the chance to be outside at the Louisville St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Louisville St. Patrick’s Day Beer Blessing, or another St. Patrick’s Day event is exciting and it is cause for celebration.

But It Is Important to Celebrate Responsibly

As you head out to enjoy the festivities, it is important to take appropriate precautions so that you can continue to enjoy the spring, the summer, and the rest of your life without lasting repercussions. Specifically, we encourage you to:

  • Recognize that even a few drinks over the course of the day may mean you can’t drive safely. St. Patrick’s Day may be one of those celebrations where you don’t realize how much you’ve had to drink because you’ve been drinking steadily over the course of the day. There is no established amount of alcohol that is safe to consume before driving. You may consider yourself buzzed instead of drunk, but you still may not be able to drive safely.
  • Make sure that your designated driver is sober. This does not mean the driver who has had the least to drink is elected “designated driver.” It means at least one person must commit to remaining sober and safe to drive. If your designated driver is not completely sober, then it is vital to make alternative arrangements such as staying where you are or calling a cab.
  • Know the alternate route around the parade. Parade routes may be full of small kids and people who have been drinking. As a driver, you can save yourself stress and potential heartache by staying clear of the parade route.
  • Host parties with caution. You do not want your guests to drink and drive. Accordingly, you can encourage them to call cab companies, you can take keys, you can offer overnight accommodations, you can serve food, and you can limit the amount of alcohol that you serve.
  • Talk to your teenagers about their plans. Make sure that they have a safe way home from wherever they will be spending St. Patrick’s Day.

We also encourage you to get out and have a good time. St. Patrick’s Day is best enjoyed responsibly, so that you can look back on the memories with joy and without pain.

Mark K. Gray
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