Kentucky School Bus Safety Tips to Eliminate the Chances of Filing a Personal Injury Claim (Part A)

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Millions of parents rely on the school bus to transport their children to and from school. Although school buses are one of the safest forms of transportation, accidents and fatalities do occur.

If safety isn’t practiced and your child’s injury could’ve been prevented in Kentucky, a personal injury claim may be filed. Here are some school bus safety tips that parents and children can do to ensure that accidents are prevented.

School Bus Safety Tips for Parents

Try to get your children to the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled stop. Hurrying to a bus stop can cause the child to be hit by an oncoming car or fall down in the street while running to catch the bus.

Be sure to supervise your children while waiting for the bus. Don’t trust that your child will be OK if you just drop them off and leave. They may run out into the street into the path of an oncoming car. Stay with them until the bus departs.

Teach your children safety rules for walking to the bus stop. Be sure to emphasize that they stop and look both ways before crossing a street. Even at a crosswalk, don’t rely on motorists to yield to you.

School Bus Safety Tips for Students


  • While waiting for the bus, stay away from the road and behave properly. Don’t roughhouse with other students or engage in other reckless behavior that can cause accidents.
  • Wait until the bus has fully stopped and the door has opened before attempting to get on the bus.
  • Stay away from the bus wheels at all times.
  • Stay on the side of the road, where the bus driver can see you. Don’t attempt to cross the street or jump out in front of a bus.
  • Follow the rules when on the bus. Avoid loud talking, fighting and other behaviors that can cause the bus driver to become distracted. Keep aisles clear to avoid trips and falls.

Even when you take precautious to avoid an accident involving a school bus, it’s not guaranteed that your child won’t fall victim to a serious injury. In the event of someone else’s negligence causing your child’s harm, you should get in touch with a Kentucky personal injury attorney to pursue a claim. Call (502) 210-8942 for help on your case today!

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