What Kind of Person Would Do That?! Abusers in Kentucky Nursing Homes

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We hear about it on the radio, see it in our Louisville newspapers, and shake our heads at the shocking YouTube videos: abuse of the elderly in nursing homes. Along with the outrage we feel there is apprehension because there’s a good chance the day may come when we or someone we love is in a Kentucky nursing home.

What kind of person is likely to end up abusing others? Could certain character traits or attitudes be clues to an abusive personality?

Profile of an Abuser

In general, the site says, abusers are emotionally or psychologically immature. They likely were victims of or witnesses to abuse as children; lacking good role models, they have not learned other, healthier ways to interact with people.

The most common characteristics of abusers include the following:

  • They have low tolerance and a quick temper.
  • They tend to be insecure, very possessive, and jealous.
  • Their low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and frustration cause them to believe that they must control other people, continually degrade them, or restrict their rights.
  • They need people who are submissive and will obey them.
  • They have superficial relationships with a number of partners.
  • They avoid commitment.
  • Their expectations of others are unrealistic.
  • They are extremely demanding.
  • Rather than asking others to do something, they give orders.
  • They are adept at deceiving others as well as themselves.
  • Rather than taking responsibility for their own problems, they blame other people, the world, life, their luck, or the situation.
  • They do not take responsibility for any harm they cause.
  • They show no consideration or empathy for others.
  • They usually have a dual personality, for example, being cruel and charming.

An Abuser’s Treatment of the Victim

Emotional abuse continues when the victim allows it to go on. Many victims—such as children and people with disabilities or dementia—are not capable of standing up to an abuser. Abusers are astute at identifying weakness in other people, and these are the ones abusers are likely to victimize. Abusers

  • blame the victim for their (the abusers’) emotions;
  • threaten the victim;
  • insult, humiliate, and verbally or physically attack the victim;
  • make the victim feel guilty to justify their abuse;
  • have to be the center of attention;
  • never apologize (they are always right);
  • judge or criticize the victim or the victim’s actions;
  • manipulate the victim using rewards and punishments;
  • invade the victim’s privacy;
  • underestimate the victim; and
  • ignore or minimize the importance of the victim’s needs and feelings.

If you recognize these qualities in a Kentucky nursing home caregiver, start paying closer attention.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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