Hip Fractures Stemming from Kentucky Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse (Part B)

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When residents aren’t provided with medical equipment that aids them in getting around safely, such as a walker, they are being subjected to Kentucky nursing home negligence, and it could lead to a hip fracture. Or if there is a failure to make adjustments, such as moving a resident’s bed to a lower position, it may increase the risk of fall. 

Facilities that aren’t properly equipped with handrails or non-skid surfaces (tubs or other wet areas) also could be the cause of a fall and hip fracture. Whether there is an act of negligence on behalf of a worker or the nursing home itself, you may be entitled to pursue a claim for negligence. To learn how you can protect your loved one’s rights, you should consult immediately with a nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Prevention of Falls Leading to a Hip Fracture

There are ways that falls, which increase the risk of a hip fracture, can be prevented. One way is to use an alarm on a resident’s chair or bed, which can alert staff if the resident gets up or moves about.

Keeping the floors and hallways free of clutter and debris can help. Ensuring that handrails are available along the walls and on each side of the toilet will make for a safer environment.

Monitoring a patient’s medications, health and risk factors that may increase the likelihood of a fall also can help prevent one from occurring. Not putting a plan in place and improper staff training for assisting residents could lead to the facility being held liable. 

When your loved one has suffered serious or fatal injuries that were caused by Kentucky nursing home negligence, you should seek legal counsel. A nursing home abuse lawyer will take the time to look over your case and determine if you have a valid claim worth pursuing. 

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