Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse and the Elder Justice Act

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It is difficult to understand how a case of Kentucky nursing home abuse could happen. Yet the reality is, many residents in nursing homes are victims of abuse. While some cases are reported, many go unreported.

When your loved one has been the victim of Kentucky nursing home abuse or neglect, you should be aware of your family’s legal rights. Consulting with a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney is the best way to find out.

An Overview of the Elder Justice Act

In 2010, President Obama signed Elder Justice Act into law. The Elder Justice Act is a way to help prevent Kentucky nursing home abuse or Kentucky nursing home neglect at a federal level. 

Clearly, at a state level there has not been enough done to stop this terrible problem. The Elder Justice Act authorizes $757 million over a period of 4 years to do a number of things that will help protect nursing home residents from abuse or neglect.

Some of the ways the money in the Elder Justice Act will be used to help stop Kentucky nursing home abuse and Kentucky nursing home neglect include: 

  • establishing a council to make recommendations to Secretary of Health and Human Services on coordination of activities related to abuse, neglect and financial exploitation;
  • establishing an advisory board that creates a short and long-term multidisciplinary strategic plan in the area of elder justice;
  • funding of $400 million toward Adult Protective Services, along with funds for other ways to help protect elders;
  • grants of $67.5 million to improve staffing care and training;
  • crimes of elder abuse to be reported to law enforcement and when there is a failure to do so, implementing civil monetary penalties;
  • penalties to facilities that retaliate against an employee who reports violations;
  • $500,000 toward a study to establish a national nurse aide registry;
  • Department of Health and Human Services to receive $15 million to improve data collection and other information related to best practices for elder justice; and
  • establishment of a nationwide program for background checks (state and national) to be conducted on anyone working in a nursing home facility.  

If your loved one has been injured physically, emotionally or financially, you should consult with a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney. Victims of Kentucky nursing home abuse or Kentucky nursing home neglect have the right to seek compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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