Louisville Car Accident Attorney Explains Kentucky Seat Belt Laws (Part A)

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In 2007, several primary Kentucky seat belt laws were enacted in an effort to reduce serious car accident injuries and fatalities. The law allows a police officer to stop a vehicle if anybody in the car is not wearing a safety belt. Before this set of regulations was adopted, officers could only ticket drivers for not utilizing their seat belts if a different violation enabled the officer to pull the vehicle over. Now just the act of not wearing a seat belt justifies a citation.

By taking this step, Kentucky has signaled how it feels about the importance of seat belt use. Statistics show that states that have secondary enforcement of seat belt laws, or no seat belt laws at all, have residents who don’t wear this safety device as much as states with primary laws. Since Kentucky has primary seat belt laws, its residents will be forced to use their seat belts or face fines.

The only way to be excused from using a seat belt in Kentucky is to have a written statement from a physician or licensed chiropractor that explains the medical or physical reasons why it cannot be worn. A person who violates Kentucky seat belt laws without written consent from a medical professional is subject to a $25 fine. In addition, any conviction will be included on the individual’s driving record.

Kentucky Child Restraint Law

Children who are too young to wear seat belts will need to be secured in a child restraint device that meets federal motor vehicle standards. If a child is over 40 inches tall, but under 50, a booster seat must be used in the automobile.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident in Louisville, a seat belt could be a lifesaver. However, you could still face injuries. As the victim of a negligent driver, you should call a Louisville car accident attorney to explore your legal options – 502-210-8942..

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