When a Serious Car Accident in Louisville, KY Leads to Depression (Part B)

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Symptoms and Signs of Depression

After a serious car accident, depression may not always be obvious because many individuals associate it with feelings of sadness. But anger can be a sign of depression, too. Understanding the various symptoms can help an individual recognize when it has become a problem.

Some of the symptoms or signs that may indicate depression include: 

  • headaches;
  • fatigue/lack of energy;
  • depleted sex drive;
  • feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or guilt;
  • appetite changes;
  • irritability;
  • loss of interest in activities once enjoyed;
  • sleep pattern changes;
  • concentration difficulties; and
  • thoughts of suicide or suicide attempt.

While it isn’t uncommon to experience depression after a serious accident in Louisville, KY, it can become chronic. It’s important to recognize depression so that a doctor can determine if it should be treated, and your Louisville car accident lawyer can address it sooner when fighting your claim.

Damages That May Be Available in a Car Accident Claim

When it comes to damages, most people think about medical expenses and lost wages. While these certainly can be part of the compensation that you may be entitled to, additional damages could be available which address psychological injuries.

If it becomes necessary to seek treatment for your depression, whether through medication and/or counseling, you may be eligible for compensation. Additional damages that may be covered in your claim include pain and suffering, mental anguish, reduced quality of life, and other psychological losses.

The best way to determine what types of compensation you may qualify for is to speak immediately with a Louisville, KY car accident lawyer. He or she will take into consideration not only the bodily harm you have suffered, but also emotional  pain.

Don’t delay in seeking legal counsel from a lawyer who has experience with handling these types of claims. A Louisville, KY car accident lawyer may be able to determine if you have a legitimate claim and what legal options are available.

Contacting a Louisville, KY Car Accident Lawyer

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