Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Talks about Oral Health Issues and Nursing Home Abuse (Part A)

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A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer will tell you that nursing home abuse may take on many different forms. While things like bedsores and falls come to mind, oral health can be just as serious for an elderly person residing in a nursing home. The elderly are at greater risk for oral health problems, but those living in a nursing home may be especially at risk. As people age, their oral health may decline due to other medical conditions, inability to see a dentist regularly and difficulty in cleaning it properly. 

Some common types of oral health issues seen in the elderly can include: 

  • gingivitis;
  • ill-fitting dentures;
  • cavities;
  • loose or missing teeth;
  • infections;
  • canker sores;
  • bleeding;
  • tooth and gum decay; and
  • oral cancer. 

In a nursing home, these problems can go unnoticed or neglected, constituting a form of nursing home abuse. If left untreated, minor dental issues can turn into serious ones which can cause illness, pain and suffering to the innocent resident of a nursing home. Many times poor oral health can be linked to strokes and heart attacks, which can prove to be fatal for an elderly person. Aside from health concerns, an elderly person’s overall quality of life may be diminished when oral health needs are overlooked because they may not be able to enjoy their meals or be able to speak clearly and without pain. 

If your family member or loved one is experiencing oral health problems while under the care of a nurse home, it may qualify as a form of neglect or abuse.

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