Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Talks about Oral Health Issues and Nursing Home Abuse (Part B)

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A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer recommends asking relevant questions when considering potential facilities. Choosing to put your loved in a nursing home or assisted care facility can be a very difficult decision. One way to ensure your loved one or family member will have the best possible experience is to make sure that the place you choose will not subject them to abuse. 

It may not always be easy to tell if a nursing home is negligent, but there are some things you can do to find out and make the right choice. One factor you should consider is the staff’s care and attention to oral health issues. 

The following questions could help you evaluate potential facilities: 

  • Do you have an on-call dentist that works with this facility regularly and in case of dental emergencies?
  • Is the staff trained in basic dental care, and can they recognize common oral problems?
  • Does the staff know how to safely assist a resident when fitting and removing dentures?
  • Does the staff ensure that oral health is attended to at least once a day? 

If the nursing home employee you are speaking with can’t answer all of these questions with a “yes”, you may want to consider looking elsewhere. Neglect of oral health in a nursing home is nursing home abuse and can lead to painful conditions and, in some severe cases, death. So do not overlook oral health. 

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