Nursing Home Neglect Evident in Poor Evacuation Plans for Louisville Residents (Part B)

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Nursing home neglect is not only evident when bedsores or bruising is seen; it may also be related to the absence of an adequate emergency evacuation plan. In Louisville, nursing home neglect lawyers can advise you on the importance of having an evacuation plan in place and practicing to carry it out, particularly in a tornado-prone region. 

Unfortunately, many nursing homes may have a plan outlined in a book or file that hasn’t been opened for years. With the turnover rate of nursing home staff, many newcomers may not even know where the nearest exits are in various parts of the facility or what the plan is when a tornado warning is issued. 

Where Nursing Homes Fall Short 

Investigations into nursing home neglect because of inadequate evacuation plans have found that many facilities fall short in mapping an evacuation route and establishing procedures for specific needs of their residents. Other areas where many facilities do not have a plan of action include a method of identifying residents in an evacuation and how to identify, dispense, or receive medications for nursing home patients in the event of an emergency. 

Plans for transporting special-needs equipment, such as feeding tubes, wheelchairs, breathing equipment, and other similar items are often not included. Even more surprising are the missing procedures regarding how to ensure an adequate amount of food and water will be supplied to patients in an evacuation. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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