Medication Errors in Children: Causes and Protection (Part B)

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Medication errors in regards to children are not just limited to overdoses. There are several other ways that children may be given medications that do not fit the illness for which they are being treated, or just do not work on their smaller bodies. 

Some of the other ways children may be victims of these errors are: 

  • misdiagnosis;
  • equipment failure in devices used to administer medication;
  • incorrect blood typing before transfusions; and
  • missing or misinterpreting dietary orders.


Any of those situations may also result in a medical error in children. A Jefferson County medical negligence lawyer can help examine the specific circumstances of your child’s case to help determine what went wrong. 

There are things you may do to help prevent medication errors from harming your child. Parents can take an active role in helping to protect their children with a few recommendations: 

  • make sure your child wears his/her ID bracelet;
  • talk to your child’s doctor every day about his/her care;
  • understand your child’s medications and their purpose; and
  • don’t be afraid to speak up.


Even when a parent does everything right, medication errors may still occur. It is important parents know that when it comes to medical care for their child, carelessness or negligence may have dangerous or even deadly consequences. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics says there needs to be more medications tailored for children and their different bodies, but until then, calculations in medications and the possibility of equipment failure produce a risk for children. 

If you believe your child has been the victim of a medication error either in a hospital or at home, your Jefferson County medical negligence lawyer can help you determine what went wrong and help you seek justice for your child’s injury. 

Medical Negligence Victims Have Rights 

When a child becomes sick through carelessness, faulty equipment, miscalculations or a misdiagnosis, parents have a right to protect their children. 

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