5 Ways to Stop Elderly Abuse from Happening in Kentucky (Part B)

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A second way you can help stop elderly abuse is to be aware of scams. Older adults are often targeted, innocently giving out private information such as their credit card number or checking account number. 

A third way that elderly abuse can be stopped is by volunteering your time at the nursing home. Being around the other residents and talking to them could raise concerns that you may need to look further into. 

A fourth way is to understand which residents may be more likely to become victims and which people are more likely to become abusive. For instance, those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia may be at a higher risk of becoming victimized. Caregivers who are unable to cope with stress and feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities could be at risk for inflicting abuse.

Finally, you can help stop elderly abuse by learning about community services that are available. Caregivers may not realize there are resources on hand that can help. Respite care, volunteers and meals-on-wheels are just some examples.

Help from a Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Learning about the different types of abuse and recognizing the signs can help prevent the elderly from becoming victims. But the reality is that abuse still happens. When it does, then you have the right to seek legal counsel.

Speaking to a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer is the best way to learn if you have a valid claim. A lawyer may investigate the details of your case and determine if there is enough evidence to move forward. If there is, then your lawyer will assist you throughout the entire claims process.

This may include collecting evidence against the abuser and medical records that demonstrate the types of injuries your loved one suffered. It could also include assisting you with the complicated paperwork and forms that have to be completed.

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