What to Look for When You Visit a Loved One in a Louisville Nursing Home This Holiday Season

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The decorations are up and the lights are shining. As you enter the nursing home where your loved one resides, there is no doubt that it is the Christmas season. Unfortunately, that does not always mean that there is Christmas cheer or even basic safety and care going on in the nursing home. Nursing home abuse and neglect is at least as likely in December as it is during the rest of the year. As the loved one of a resident, it is important that you see through the tinsel and lights and recognize the signs of possible abuse or neglect so that your holiday season does not end with a tragedy.

Look for These Signs When Visiting During the Holidays 

Some of the potential warning signs of nursing home abuse during the holiday season include: 

  • Withdrawal from normal holiday activities. If your loved one doesn’t feel like celebrating and that is out of character for your loved one, then you may be concerned.
  • Fear around certain staff members. Does your loved one seem particularly nervous, uncomfortable or fearful when in the presence of certain staff members? It could be a sign that your loved one doesn’t like that person, or it could be a sign of abuse.
  • Noticeable bruises, bedsores, or other injuries that cannot otherwise be explained. These should be taken very seriously as possible signs of abuse.

These signs are not that different than the signs that could indicate abuse or neglect during the rest of the year. However, with the added pressures of the holidays, the use of temporary staff to cover vacation time for regular staff, and the short and cold dark days of winter it is important to be extra vigilant this time of year. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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