How to Recognize Abuse in a Kentucky Nursing Home Resident

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Your mother doesn’t have a black eye; but she has unexplained bruises. She doesn’t seem completely withdrawn; yet there is a noticeable change in her. Could she be the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect in Kentucky, or would the signs of such abuse or neglect be more pronounced?

There Is No Checklist, but There Are Signs of Abuse and Neglect to Watch for

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut checklist that you can use to determine if your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. There are not signs or symptoms that must be present in order for you to conclude someone has been abused or neglected. However, there are things that you can look for so that you can form a picture in your head of what nursing home abuse and neglect really looks like. With the help of these signs, you may be able to get anyone who may have been abused or neglected the care that they deserve.

Nursing home abuse or neglect may look like a person with:

  • Bedsores.
  • Bruises.
  • Cuts.
  • A dirty body or dirty hair.
  • A change in personality that is not explained by his or her medical condition, medications or external factors.
  • Other factors that you simply wouldn’t expect for a person in his or her condition who is getting adequate care.

If you think about your loved one and believe that you see signs of abuse or neglect, then it is important to know what to do next.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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