How to Value the Life of a Kentucky Nursing Home Resident

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Your parent was never going to go back to work, do charity work, or even maintain his or her own house again. Your parent was in a Louisville nursing home because he needed care for the rest of his or her life. However, your parent was still alive and therefore his or her life still had value.

The Value of Life

While the economic or financial damages may be limited, your loved one’s life still had value. You, your siblings, and your other parent have lost:

  • The love of a treasured relative.
  • The guidance and emotional support of your relative.
  • The enjoyment of time spent with your relative.

And your parent has lost enjoyment of time spent with you. Additionally, your parent may have suffered needless physical and emotional trauma because of nursing home abuse or neglect.

These things have value even if that number is difficult to calculate.

Difficult Does Not Mean Impossible

We won’t lie to you. Recovering for the loss of a loved one who fell, who was malnourished, or who was otherwise abused or neglected in a Louisville nursing home can be difficult. It can be hard to arrive at a fair number, but it is possible and it is important.

The insurance company or nursing home may try to convince you that your loved one’s life was almost over anyway and that, therefore, it is not worth pursuing a legal case. We believe otherwise. We believe that every life has value, that every nursing home resident should live without abuse or neglect—and that every family should be able to recover if their loved one died in this tragic way.

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Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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