How to Take Advantage of Every Minute After a Byetta Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

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There is no question that the diagnosis is devastating. Advanced stage pancreatic cancer currently means that you have a limited amount of time left to live. Why would you want to spend that time fighting?

This Is a Decision You Have to Make for Yourself

Deciding how you want to spend your last days is an intensely personal decision. You deserve to make the decision that is right for you without any pressure from anyone else. However, before you make your choice, we want you to consider three possible advantages of pursuing both treatment and legal action after a Byetta pancreatic cancer diagnosis. By fighting for your health and for justice, you may:

  • Inspire your family, friends, and others – Your willingness to pursue medical treatment and a legal recovery may inspire your family, your friends, and others facing the same diagnosis to fight for justice in their own lives.
  • Further important medical research – Information from your treatment may help develop more effective pancreatic cancer treatments. Additionally, it could help pharmaceutical companies recognize the need for safer diabetes treatments that do not have such serious health consequences.
  • Let pharmaceutical companies know that they will be held accountable – Some pharmaceutical companies only see the bottom line. Therefore, if you hold them accountable they may find that it is less expensive to make sure a medication is safe before giving it to the public rather than facing the potential consequences.

Most importantly, you may also be able to afford treatment that could help extend your life and/or improve your quality of life.

Fighting for Justice Should Not Take Away From Your Other Priorities

At this stage in your life, you may want to spend every minute that you can with your loved ones or pursuing your life’s work. You can do that and still fight for justice by contacting a Kentucky Byetta cancer lawyer to help you. To find out more, please browse the free resources available on this website and please contact us with any additional questions you may still have.

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