1 of KY’s 10 “Worst Nursing Homes” Loses Access to Medicare

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April 26, 2011 – Paducah, KY – In a report from Fox 19, 1 of the 10 so-called “worst nursing homes in the state” of Kentucky has lost access to Medicare payments, leaving the future of 85 residents up in the air.

Back in November 2009, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that Arbor Place, of Clinton, was one of the top 10 worst nursing home facilities in Kentucky.

Now, Arbor Place, owned by Benchmark Healthcare of Chesterfield, Montana, has also lost its right to Medicare payments. This comes after state inspectors found the nursing home facility incompliant with program requirements.

The nursing home staff was notified Friday, April 15. It is unclear at this time if the residents of the nursing home and/or their legal guardians and loved ones will have to scramble to find a new place for the residents to live.

There are many concerns a person must face when placing their loved one in the care of a nursing home facility. Nursing home abuse and neglect are at the top of the list and it’s important to recognize that abuse can come in many forms-it isn’t limited to hitting or slapping.

When you suspect that your loved one is experiencing mistreatment at the hand’s of a professional caretaker, you should speak with a Kentucky nursing home abuse attorney with experience in these types of cases.

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