Bayer to Pay $110 Million Settlement from Yasmin Lawsuits

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Bayer’s recent agreement to pay a settlement of $110 million stemming from Yasmin lawsuits is an example of a medication error claim. When a dangerous drug is prescribed and it leads to severe injuries or death, it could result in pursuing legal action.

The settlement that Bayer has agreed to pay only covers the first 500 lawsuits that were filed. According to the company’s 2011 annual report, there were over 11,000 lawsuits pending. All of these claim that Yasmin, a birth control pill, resulted in serious or fatal injuries.

Most of the injuries were the result of blood clots. New labels will now be placed on the medication to warn consumers of this potential risk.

When a Doctor Prescribes a Dangerous Drug

Although any type of medication error is serious, they can be especially catastrophic if it involves a dangerous drug. Dangerous drugs are those that have risks of producing severe or fatal side effects.

Doctors should make sure they take their time when writing out a prescription. Another safety measure is to have the patient look at it, to verify what they are prescribing. If there are side effects the patient should be aware of, it is up to the doctor to discuss this.

Contacting a KY Medication Error Law Firm

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