Diagnostic Tests Increase Risk of Med Mal Lawsuit

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According to Renal & Urology News, doctors who order diagnostic tests have an increased risk of facing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A recent study finds that between 1996 and 2003, payments for malpractice suits stemming from diagnostic errors had increased by 40%. These aren’t caused by problems with the tests themselves but in the communication of the results.

Some of the common types of medical mistakes that can happen with diagnostic tests include: 

  • delays in reporting of test results to the doctor and/or patient;
  • doctors and/or patients never receiving the results; and
  • findings of test results are incorrectly read. 

A delay or a failure to communicate the results of a test could lead to devastating consequences. Patients may be without treatment and medical care that could improve their condition. 

If the findings are incorrectly read, a doctor may not properly diagnose the patient. This could lead to a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose at all. Both could have serious impact on the patient’s health.

When medical negligence has caused you or a loved one to suffer, then you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries. To learn if you quality to pursue a claim, you should meet with a Kentucky medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

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