Extendicare Leaving Kentucky after Lawmakers Refuse Immunity

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Kentucky lawmakers recently voted against granting legal immunity to Extendicare, a company that has been known to mistreat and neglect the elderly it is supposed to be caring for. The company’s reaction has been to sell off its treatment centers and leave the state. If you or a loved one was the victim of negligence or nursing home abuse, call a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney today to begin filing a claim. 

According to an article on The Legal Examiner, Extendicare is currently the defendant in five wrongful death lawsuits in Kentucky and one negligent care lawsuit in connection with the poor care at Kenwood Health and Rehabilitation Center, one of its Kentucky institutions. The company has more than 43 civil lawsuits still pending. 

The company executives had hoped for help in the form of a corporate bailout from HB361, which would’ve required further evaluation of all personal injury, negligent care and wrongful death lawsuits against nursing homes by a medical panel. The panel would’ve then determined whether or not the cases could be permitted to go to court. This system would ultimately result in Extendicare facing fewer lawsuits. 

Lawmakers, however, denied Extendicare that bailout and the company decided it was time to leave Kentucky. 

While the removal of an incompetent care company is good news for any state, it can only be hoped that the upheaval of changing over ownership of Extendicare’s facilities will not result in worse care or displaced patients. 

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