FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin to Treat Breast Cancer

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In a report from the Daily Herald, the FDA revoked approval of Avastin to treat advanced breast cancer. This comes as a result of recent studies that show that the potential dangerous risks of taking the drug are greater than any benefits it may offer.

In fact, those studies show there is no extension of life for those who are battling advanced breast cancer. And with some of the side effects, including excessive bleeding, extremely high blood pressure, tears in the intestines and stomach, and heart failure, the conclusion is that Avastin is more likely to harm, not help, patients.

Not everyone agrees with this decision, as some believe that Avastin has saved many lives. While the FDA has revoked approval of the drug, it doesn’t mean that patients can’t still receive it. Doctors may still prescribe it, however the insurance company will likely not cover it. Medicare plans to continue coverage for it.

Avastin is also used to help treat other cancers such as brain, lung, kidney and colon. However, all patients must seriously consider the risk factors and determine if they outweigh the benefits.

If you were injured or made seriously ill as a result of a drug that was given improperly or if you weren’t aware of the dangerous side effects, then you may be entitled to file a claim. You should contact a Kentucky injury attorney to learn what options may be available.

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