FDA Warns of a Counterfeit Version of Avastin Sold and Used

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In a report from CNN Health, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning of a forged version of Avastin that was sold and used.

The FDA has sent out 19 letters to various medical facilities that had purchased an unapproved version of this anti-cancer drug. One of the key ingredients found in Avastin – bevacizumab – is not contained in the counterfeit drug.

Avastin’s manufacturer, Roche, has indicated that the counterfeit is not only ineffective but is not safe. It was purchased from Quality Specialty Products, a foreign supplier. The FDA has indicated that they may also go by the name of Montana Health Care Solutions.

Pharmacists are also being encouraged to look into their supply and make sure they are not carrying the counterfeit version. Another way to detect if a medical facility has the wrong medication is to look for Genetech labels (found on Avastin), which would be missing.

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