Hospital Negligence Leads to a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of a family involving a loved one who developed sepsis because of a failure to remove a surgical suture is an example of what constitutes a wrongful death claim.

The family of the victim is suingGeisingerMedicalCenterand 2 doctors after the 80-year-old patient was admitted for surgery. Several days after undergoing surgery, she began to complain of pain on the left side of her abdomen. A couple of days later she started to experience symptoms of sepsis, including vomiting, weakness, fever, confusion and difficulties communicating.

She was taken to the emergency room where she received the diagnosis of sepsis syndrome. Tragically, she died from septic shock.

Damages being sought in the lawsuit include wrongful death caused by hospital negligence in excess of $250,000.

Compensating for Wrongful Death

The life of a loved one can never be replaced with any amount of money. However, compensation for wrongful death can help surviving family members try to deal with the tragedy and resulting losses.

InKentucky, compensation may be awarded for burial/funeral expenses, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and more. Punitive damages may even be available, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.

Contacting a Kentucky Malpractice Attorney

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