Just One Kentucky Concussion May Lead to Lasting Brain Damage

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A new study indicates that just one concussion can result in long-term brain damage. The study was published online in the March 12 issue of Radiology. Researchers found that just one concussion could result in long-term structural changes in the brain.

Researchers used 3D MRI technology to look at gray and white matter in the brain. When a group of people who had suffered a concussion were compared to a group of people with no previous concussion or other traumatic brain injury, researchers found that people with concussions suffered loss of both gray and white brain matter. In other words, they suffered brain atrophy.

This study, which involved 19 concussion patients and 12 patients without any form of brain injury, is considered to be the first of its kind and the first evidence that concussions may result in long-term brain changes.

Long-term complications may result from just one concussion, according to researchers. Accordingly, researchers urge people with concussions to have initial evaluations by doctors, have continuing symptoms checked by doctors, and to get medical clearance before engaging in contact sports or other high-risk activities.

Symptoms of a concussion, such as dizziness, headaches, confusion, memory loss, anxiety, depression, and other changes, may begin soon after the accident and continue for months or years. Researchers believe that 10-20% of concussion victims still have symptoms a year after their injuries were sustained.

Our Lexington auto accident attorneys wish anyone who has suffered a concussion in a Kentucky car crash the best for a fast and full recovery.