Legislature Pass Law to Protect Personal-Care Home Patients

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Kentucky has passed  Senate Bill 115, which requires a medical examination before a patient is admitted into a personal-care home. The medical screening provisions are designed to ensure that individuals will receive the proper care in a facility that is best equipped to meet their full range of their medical needs. Senate Bill 115 also bars anyone younger than 18 years of age from being placed in a personal-care home. 

The new protections were introduced in response to the tragic events surrounding the death of Joseph Lawrence Lee, Jr., who wandered off from a Northern Kentucky personal-care home and was later found dead on the banks of a nearby riverbank. 

As reported by the Courier-Journal, Kentucky has approximately 80 personal-care homes that house about 4,000 residents. Personal-care homes are one of seven types of long term care facilities in Kentucky, and the have come under intense scrutiny lately by the Kentucky Protection and Advocacy agency regarding the bare bones living conditions and services provided in those facilities. While the new process for admittance to a personal-care home will afford more protection to those in need, other situations of abuse or neglect may still arise that could require the intervention of a personal injury attorney. 

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