Kentucky Woman Dies of Head Injury After Being Hit By Car

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A Kentucky woman has died after allegedly being hit by a car on Monday July 22, 2013. According to reports of this fatal pedestrian accident, 55 year old Judy Varner Snedeker was crossing South Church Street in Cynthiana when she was hit by a car. Ms. Snedeker was reportedly not in a crosswalk at the time of this accident. However, some reports say that she was crossing at an intersection.

The driver of the car that hit Ms. Snedeker has reportedly been identified as 19 year old Elijah Whitson. According to Lex 18, Mr. Whitson told the police that he looked down at his dog for a minute and that when he looked back up at the road Ms. Snedeker was in front of his car. In the days immediately following the fatal crash, the police were investigating the death as an accident. A spokesperson for the Cynthiana Police Department reportedly told Lex 18 that toxicology reports were pending and that the smell of alcohol was detected on Mr. Whitson’s breath at the time of the crash.

Ms. Snedeker was taken to Harrison Memorial Hospital immediately following the accident. Later, she was transferred to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital. Judy Snedeker was pronounced dead at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital at 2:43 a.m. That was approximately 13 hours after she was hit by the car.

Our Lousiville car accident lawyers extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Judy Varner Snedeker following this tragic Cynthiana pedestrian accident.