August 2013

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Know Your Rights If Your Kentucky Baby Was Stillborn

Nine months of anticipation and hope were shattered the second that you heard that your child was stillborn. However, the love that you had your for child remains strong. Now, that the news has been broken and the funeral arrangements have been made you may…

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I had a lump in my breast, but my regular doctor told me it was probably a cyst. I got a second opinion six months later, and my biopsy showed that I have breast cancer. Will this misdiagnosis have an effect on my treatment?

Related Links: 3 Common Forms of Misdiagnosed Cancer Risking the Lives of KY Patients Doctors and Patients Both Frustrated by Kentucky Cancer Misdiagnoses You were right to seek a second opinion. Cancer misdiagnoses are unfortunately common, and it is up to patient to insist that…

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A Cancer Misdiagnosis in Louisville Can Cause Delayed Treatment or Death

Related Links: Doctors and Patients Both Frustrated by Kentucky Cancer Misdiagnoses Will This Misdiagnosis Have an Effect on My Treatment? You were so relieved to have a clean bill of health after your cancer screening. You know how important early treatment can be, so it…

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Doctors and Patients Both Frustrated by Kentucky Cancer Misdiagnoses

If you’re angry after a recent Kentucky cancer misdiagnosis, you’re not alone. Researchers have found that although doctors may give out the wrong diagnosis, it’s a lack of proper protocol in the health care system that’s to blame. The BMJ Quality and Safety journal found…

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My baby died of umbilical cord complications during delivery. The medical chart said that the cord prolapsed. Should the doctor have been able to correct this problem?

Related Links: 6 Reasons Your Baby Could Have Suffered Umbilical Cord Prolapse in KY Umbilical Cord Complications in Louisville Put Unborn Babies at Risk We are so sorry for your loss. Umbilical cord complications are unfortunately still a danger to children even in this day…

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Police Chief’s Son Dies in Kentucky Motorcycle Accident

Related Links: What Exactly Constitutes a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky? Gone in an Instant: Wrongful Death in Kentucky A motorcycle and a car collided on U.S. 42 in Verona, Kentucky on Monday August 5, 2013. According to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, a 22-year-old…

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