Medication Errors are Among Leading Causes of Death in U.S.

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More and more tragic medication errors are being reported and coming under public scrutiny, necessarily. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (“AHRQ”), medical errors are one of the leading causes of death and injury in America. In a recent study reported by the AHRQ, data revealed that rates for potential adverse drug events in hospitals were three times higher with children than with adults, with an even higher rate for infants in intensive care units.

According to Dr. Allen Vaida, executive vice president of the Institute of Safe Medication Practices (“ISMP”), acknowledging medication errors and reporting them is the most important step toward prevention. Dr. Vaida claims that children are especially vulnerable to drug overdoses in hospitals due to calculation errors relating to medication dosage. Nurses must administer the medication dosages according to a child’s body weight and other necessary factors and, unfortunately, frequently this can lead to medication mistakes. Dr. Vaida claims that in situations like this, it is important to share information about the medication errors that do occur, as reporting them can prevent errors from happening in the future.

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