Parents Push UK Healthcare for Heart Surgery Fatality Information

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Parents are reportedly requesting that University of Kentucky Healthcare release information regarding the number of children who die after heart surgery at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Earlier this month, an online petition already had more than 250 signatures. The petition specifically asks UK Healthcare to make public the mortality rates for pediatric cardiothoracic surgery during 2010, 2011 and 2012. reports that Tabitha Rainey, a parent of a child who had heart surgery at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, started the petition. Her son was reportedly moved to another hospital from Kentucky Children’s Hospital after surgery and survived, but it has been reported that at least two other children have died. The parents of a third child who died have signed the petition started by Ms. Rainey.


During the fall of 2012, all pediatric cardiothoracic surgeries at Kentucky Children’s Hospital were suspended while an internal review occurred. In May 2013, the state attorney general’s office issued an opinion that UK Healthcare must release mortality information and other data to a radio station. UK Healthcare allegedly refused to release the information citing patient confidentiality concerns. The issue is under appeal.


It is currently unknown whether the children who died during or after heart surgery at Kentucky Children’s Hospital were victims of medical malpractice, surgical errors or their medical conditions. However, what is known is that too many young lives have ended too soon and too many parents and families have been left grieving. Our Kentucky medical malpractice lawyers extend our sincere condolences to all the families who have lost ones after heart surgery at Kentucky Children’s Hospital in the recent years.