Two Women Injured in Kentucky Head-on Collision

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The accident happened around 6:40 a.m. According to accident reports, 42-year-old Wanda Redd of Hopkinsville was driving her Chrysler LHS on the wrong side of Russellville Road near Western State Hospital. It is alleged that Ms. Redd was attempting to make a left hand turn into Western State Hospital when she collided with a Honda Civic driven by 22-year-old Justin Jones. The passenger side airbag in Ms. Redd’s car deployed, as did both the driver’s side and passenger’s side airbags in Mr. Jones’ car, according to the report by the Hopkinsville police. The reason Ms. Redd was on the wrong side of the roadway has not yet been reported in the media.

Two Injuries Reported

Ms. Redd and 22-year-old Cora Raines, who was a passenger in Mr. Jones’ car, were taken to Jennie Stuart Medical Center for treatment of accident injuries, which are believed to be non-life threatening.

Head-on Collisions Can Be Serious 

There were 1,499 two-vehicle, head-on collisions in Kentucky during 2011, which is the most recent year for which final data is available. Head-on collisions made up just under 2% of all two-vehicle auto accidents in the Commonwealth of Kentucky that year. However, while accounting for just 1.9% of all two-vehicle accidents, head-on collisions were responsible for about one-third of all fatal crashes involving two vehicles. 

Our Kentucky car accident lawyers extend our best wishes for fast and complete recoveries to Ms. Redd and Ms. Raines following their accident injuries.