Young Child Attacked, Bitten by Pit Bull in Park Hill Neighborhood

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On Sunday July 15, 2012, WDRB reported that the child was bitten by a dog at 1709 W. Gaulbert Ave. at about 5:45 p.m. It is unclear exactly what happened before the incident occurred. It seems that the child was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. Whether or not the dog was on a leash or otherwise properly restrained is unknown. 

The child, whose exact age has not been released, was bitten on the hand and fingers and may have required hospital treatment. The extent of the child’s injuries and current condition is also unknown. 

Also, it is currently unknown whether the child’s family will press charges or file a lawsuit. There has been no word on if the dog will be quarantined. The identity of the dog’s owner has not yet been released. 

Dogs can make great companions, but if they are not properly cared for and properly restrained, tragic incidents such as this one can occur. Children, like the one in this story, are particularly at risk for dog bites because they are less cautious than adults and more closely resemble the size of natural prey. 

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