November 2012

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I had my favorite Kentucky radio station on, and I heard a news teaser about “counterfeit medicine.” I must have been out of the room when the news came on, because I never heard the actual information. What is counterfeit medicine?

Counterfeit medicine is medicine that is contaminated; contains the wrong ingredients; has no active ingredient; or contains the wrong dose of the active ingredient. It is illegal to sell counterfeit medicine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises consumers to be careful when purchasing medications from…

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Could What Happened in Minnesota Happen in a Kentucky Nursing Home?

Earlier this month the state of Minnesota released a report that found that a nursing home aide had sexually abused a nursing home resident earlier this year. Specifically, the state found that an aide at the Lake Minnetonka Care Center sexually assaulted a woman twice…

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Man Arrested Following Serious Hit-and-Run Accident

A Louisville man has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, first degree assault, and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked operator’s license following an early morning accident earlier this month. According to accident reports, 29-year-old Travis J. Beaty hit…

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If You Are Splitting Tablets, You May Be Risking Your Health, Kentucky

It’s not unusual for people in Kentucky to be told by their physician that they need only half the dosage of their prescription. He or she writes a new script for the revised dosage and may tell them to break their tablets in half until…

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Three Phone Calls to Make If You Suspect Louisville Nursing Home Abuse

It can be overwhelming to find out that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse in Louisville. What are you going to do to keep your loved one safe? What are you going to do to make sure that…

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Louisville Car Accident Takes the Life of a Motorcyclist

A Louisville driver has allegedly been charged with murder following a deadly car accident earlier this month. According to reports of the accident, a Ford Explorer crashed into a motorcyclist and caused the motorcyclist’s death. The driver of the Ford has been identified as David…

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