Could What Happened in Minnesota Happen in a Kentucky Nursing Home?

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Earlier this month the state of Minnesota released a report that found that a nursing home aide had sexually abused a nursing home resident earlier this year. Specifically, the state found that an aide at the Lake Minnetonka Care Center sexually assaulted a woman twice in one evening as he was helping her shower. The alleged victim is reported to be in her 50s and allegedly suffering from schizophrenia.  The Lake Minnetonka Care Center had disputed the charges against the aide by challenging the woman’s credibility.

Despite the state’s finding, it is unlikely that a criminal prosecution will be pursued because of lack of evidence. An insurance company has already reached a civil settlement in this case, according to media reports.

Could Sexual Abuse Happen in a Louisville Nursing Home?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While this case happened to occur in Minnesota, a similar case could occur anywhere else including here in Kentucky.

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Sexual abuse is a serious allegation. Nursing home residents who need assistance with bathing, changing clothes, and other private matters should not have to live in fear of being violated. If you suspect that your loved one has been abused then we encourage you to contact our experienced Louisville nursing home abuse attorneys today at 800.634.8767 or 502.210.8942. We will work hard to protect your loved one’s legal rights if he or she was the victim of sexual abuse in a nursing home.