October 2021

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Is a nursing home liable for food poisoning injuries?

Many cases of food poisoning can be avoided with proper precautions. If a nursing home fails to follow food safety regulations and take reasonable steps to prevent foodborne illnesses, they may be liable for a nursing home resident’s food poisoning illness or death. When that…

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What should I do if I suffer a bathroom fall in a hospital?

Hospital patients and visitors may use different bathrooms, but they share common risks. Whether you are a patient or a visitor, a hospital bathroom fall could result in severe injuries. Accordingly, our Kentucky hospital negligence attorneys encourage you to learn about the risks, what to…

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What to Do After a Kentucky Truck Crash to Protect Your Recovery

Chaotic, confusing, and overwhelming. These are just a few of the words you may use to describe your Kentucky truck crash. Your goal, however, is clear. You want to do everything you can to protect your truck accident recovery with as little stress, inconvenience, and…

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The Different Types of Back, Neck & Spinal Cord Injuries You Can Suffer in a Kentucky Truck Accident

Your life can change in the blink of an eye if you’re involved in a Kentucky truck accident. Learn about the different back, neck and spinal cord injuries you may suffer if involved in a crash, the damages you may recover, and how our experienced Louisville truck…

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How Do Motorcycle Accidents in Kentucky Happen + How Our Louisville Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Motorcycle accidents in Kentucky can cause catastrophic injuries, but how do these accidents happen? By understanding the common causes of motorcycle crashes, we can learn who may be at fault for a crash and how to avoid future accidents. Our Louisville personal injury lawyers can…

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What to Do After a Kentucky Motorcycle Crash

This may be the first time you are living through the physical pain, emotional trauma, and legal ramifications of a Kentucky motorcycle crash. It’s easy to be overwhelmed. Many motorcycle accident injury victims don’t know what to do or what mistakes to avoid following a…

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