Hospital Negligence

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What should I do if I suffer a bathroom fall in a hospital?

Hospital patients and visitors may use different bathrooms, but they share common risks. Whether you are a patient or a visitor, a hospital bathroom fall could result in severe injuries. Accordingly, our Kentucky hospital negligence attorneys encourage you to learn about the risks, what to…

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What are some of the most common hospital slip and fall injuries?

Whether you are a patient or a visitor, the hospital may be the last place you expected to fall and get hurt. As you wait to see a doctor or receive test results, you may wonder just how serious your hospital slip and fall injuries…

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In a KY Malpractice Case, Should I Take the Money the Hospital is Offering Me if I Promise Not to Sue?

In a KY malpractice case, if the hospital is negligent, you shouldn’t take any money before you speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. What the Hospital Wants From You The hospital wants to settle your medical malpractice case for as little money as possible…

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How do I find out whether I have a medical negligence case or not?

It is important to know details of your particular circumstances, or that of your loved one’s.  You should take a moment to contact Gray and White Law for your free legal consultation.  You can be assured that all discussions and/or correspondence are confidential; and a…

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My family member died due to negligence by a doctor at the hospital. Can I file a lawsuit on behalf of this family member?

The surviving family members of a deceased patient have a right to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased. Through a survivor action or wrongful death lawsuit, the spouse, child, parent or siblings can be compensated for their losses, which includes, but is not…

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What do I have to prove in order to recover damages for medical negligence?

Generally, to recover damages for medical or hospital negligence, you must prove that the health care provider or facility owed you a duty of care and that he or she breached the duty to you through an act that fell below the acceptable standard of…

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