September 2010

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Overview of Plastic Surgeon Errors

Plastic surgery may be a popular option for changing one’s appearance, but unfortunately, plastic surgeon errors happen more often than you may think. If you have been the victim of a botched plastic surgery, you should immediately consult a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer. An experienced…

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Preventable Injury and Medical Malpractice Claim Costs

Medical malpractice claims are costly, according to a 2008 Health Affairs study which shows that nearly $54.4 billion is spent every year for such claims.  In a 2009 study published by Hearst Newspapers, it was estimated that every year in the United States, approximately 200,000…

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Insurers must explain child policies by KY Commissioner

Kentucky Insurance Commissioner, Sharon Clark, issued an order that will require major health insurers or policy providers, including Humana and Anthem, to explain and defend their decisions to stop offering new child-only policies. According to Clark, there is deep concern about the effect on Kentucky…

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Reducing the Risk of a Plastic Surgery Mistake

If you have been seriously injured because of a plastic surgery mistake, you may be eligible to file a Kentucky medical malpractice claim against the surgeon or any other party that caused your injuries. Reducing the Risks of a Plastic Surgery Mistake Although most patients…

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What is a deposition?

A deposition is a witness’ sworn testimony taken before trial. It’s just one tool attorneys use to help prepare for a case. The purpose of a deposition is to get detailed information that may help in a Kentucky personal injury claim. This means that a…

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Is there a damage cap in Kentucky medical malpractice claims?

No, there is not a medical malpractice liability cap in Kentucky. Kentucky, unlike many other states, does not impose a limit on the amount of compensation that a claimant may receive for injuries related to medical negligence. This increases the potential compensation you stand to…

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